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About us

Casting only the best for leading roles

Since 2010 Corporate Casting assists both private and public organizations in finding the right woman or man for key positions. Varying from senior executives to (supervisory) board members. Not just based on one’s resume or experience, but on character as well, off the beaten track. The agency is known for its quirky approach beyond traditional headhuntingcasting the suited actor for the professional role, fitting the script and stage of the principal. Both organizations and candidates are considered as clients. For which star role are you auditioning? As a confidential agent we proactively think along about the storyline of candidates and search for the stage where one’s skillset fits best.
As boardroom challenger Corporate Casting is a critical advisor for her clients. After successful positioning we keep track of our candidates in their new role, according to the strong relations we hold with all our clients. We create business connections and mutual partnerships. That is the power of our mutual knowledge, experience and network. Corporate Casting strongly values both relations and integrity. Being intrinsic inclusive with an eye for diversity.The exclusive and international network is discretely accessible. For years Corporate Casting has had a strong focus on female leadership and women empowerment. female leadership en women empowerment. 
“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”
– Shakespeare as you like it (1600).


We cast people for the role they are about to play, not on stage or in front of a camera, but in a company or organization. Like an actor being cast for a certain role in a play or movie, that is how we cast a CEO or key figure: ‘fitted for the role’ to enter a new stage. The composition of the cast make or break a piece. Hence we research the other players in an organization as well.
That is rewriting the script of old school executive search. Corporate Casting services both private and public companies as well as the world of arts, culture and science. Focussed on the placement of key positions, sector specialists, board members, both executive and supervisory.


No script, no casting. Before starting the casting procedure Corporate Casting starts an honest dialogue to understand the client’s script. The art of listening. Corporate Casting proactively thinks along about the corporate story and which cast is best suitable. Next to the profile description the script forms the basis for the actual search and selection of candidates.
Corporate Casting is pleased to fulfill the role of sparring partner for those organizations that successfully want to adapt their corporate story and cast to the rapidly changing world and new reality. Focussed on value creation with clear goals in mind.


Corporate Casting has placed numerous of leading players within a variety of companies and organizations both domestic and abroad.
The selection procedure is quirky and aimed at the character and intrinsic motivation of the candidate. A resume shows relevant knowledge and experience but is not decisive for the final pick. Does the candidate fit the story, the team, the identity and culture of the organization? 
Corporate Casting challenges both client and candidate to step out of their comfort zone. To receive the applause when both shine like stars on the screen.

Managing Partner / Owner

Astrid van Heumen

Astrid has been with Corporate Casting since 2010 after becoming owner and managing partner in 2017. Her curiosity is always a bit bigger than her ambition: not the trophy but the adventure of the hunt is what makes her tick. She started off her career in the public sector as marketing manager in the Amsterdam port and headed on to the financial sector where she acted in the to the imagination capturing world of commodity trading and investment banking, both in London and New York City. Astrid studied Japanese Studies and Social Economic History.
Under the umbrella of Corporate Casting Astrid was in the vanguard when initiating the sorority ‘Kenau’ in 2012. Based on ‘Executive Feminism’ female leaders from numerous sectors meet multiple teams a year within this network. Astrid also acts as chairwoman of the national board of the VVAO, the network of higher educated women, founded in 1918. Since 2021 she is co-owner and co-founder of Widows 4 Widows: the community and service platform that offers business and private support for newly widowed. She also holds a variety of board positions in the world of culture and arts.


Dennis Heijn

In 2018 Dennis became a partner at Corporate Casting. Raised as the fourth generation of an entrepreneur family he is constantly driven by curiosity. Both in learning and applying. Dennis studied, lived and worked internationally in numerous places, the latter mostly for Heineken.
He is the autor of the book The Fearless Monkey, A creative guide to leadership in a paradoxical world. De inzichten die hij daarin deelt, deelt hij ook vanuit Corporate Casting: praktische wijsheid, effectief leiderschap en het samenstellen van de juiste teams.
Dennis brengt zijn inzichten tevens in als Partner bij Widget World Wide en als voorzitter van de Supervisory Board van het Toontibo (The Fair-Trade Alliance). Zo wordt hij blootgesteld aan de dagelijkse realiteit van het maken van een organisatie, samenwerken en elkaar inspireren.

Corporate Column

Corporate Casting strongly believes in the exchange of knowledge. Listening, learning, reflecting: sincere acting. By means of the Corporate Column we love to share our thoughts with our relations. From issues of the day to how to act in a fast moving and changing world.

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Sorority for female leadership

In 2012 Astrid initiated and founded the Sorority Kenau. A nod to the Dutch badge of honor for women of character, the independent and ambitious woman. A Sorority for career focused and social active women in a variety of age and position that meet regularly on the topic of female leadership.
Hence Corporate Casting was frontrunner in the debate on women empowerment and contributes to the social and political debat on career growth, women in executive positions and women quota in corporate supervisory boards. Since its foundation members meet multiple times a year for knowledge exchange, mutual support and networking opportunities. All members have or aim at key positions within corporates, science, politics, media and the cultural field. Are you interested to learn more? Please do contact us.
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